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Demand runs high for mobile marketing as consumers embrace mobile devices

The passion for mobile devices has translated into a new “always-on” reality for consumers.  In fact, 9 out of 10 consumers almost always have their mobile devices with them – according to immr (a research-based consultancy). This always-on reality gives marketers the ability to get closer to their desired audiences than ever before. Over the past two years, Smartphone adoption in the US has exceeded 61%1 and Tablets have become significantly more affordable and mainstream. As a result, the constant connectivity gives consumers the ability to interact with businesses anytime and anywhere.  Businesses are taking notice and have begun to embrace the new always-on consumer reality. Marketers are realigning budgets to ensure ads appear wherever their audiences’ eyes are focused. eMarketer projects the amount spent on mobile advertising in the US will total $14.9 billion in 2014. As demand grows, mobile marketing options continue to expand and improve. Mobile marketing strategies need to be individually customized for each business based on their product/service set and objectives. In some cases, mobile marketing might be as easy as adapting your website to make it compatible with mobile devices. Other businesses may benefit from a more complete mobile marketing strategy that includes mobile search and mobile display components. Berry Network offers a wide-variety of mobile marketing options at varying price points – including Mobile Search, Mobile Display, SEM/SEO, LLM, SMS and other lead gen solutions. One example of a particularly effective mobile product we offer is the YP Mobile product – as explained in this short video.  Mobile marketing is changing fast and it can be a little intimidating, but our team of digital experts can design a mobile marketing program that will complement your existing advertising and help you capture the eyes of your always-on consumers.   Source: 1 Nielsen – Mobile Majority: US Smartphone Ownership Tops 60% June 2013

It's All About Location, Location, Location!

Chances are you conducted a great deal of research in deciding the exact street upon which to place each of your locations. Great consideration was likely given to population density, target demographics, foot traffic and local consumer expenditures – in order to position your business in the ideal neighborhood. Now it’s time to own your target audiences in those neighborhoods – online, on tablets, and on mobile devices.  A recent Forrester study found that 82% of US online adults research products and services before buying. But, after conducting online research, most shoppers still make their purchases in a local store!  That’s why localization is vital for advertisers. Localized advertising helps maximize online reach within your business neighborhoods and move consumers from online shopping to an in-store purchase. Localization is a sophisticated blend of art and science The scientific part of the localization process involves: Geo-targeting to pinpoint the demographic and psychographic composition of the audiences around each business location Utilizing local inventory sources across all channels to ensure advertising appears on the right sites Creating a competitive analysis that includes frequency of advertisements, bid pricing and share of traffic in local markets Completing the localization process requires an artistic finesse. The advertising design must incorporate creative treatments that include local copy, local content, local photos and ratings/reviews – all of which significantly increase engagement and help national brands compete locally. Eliminate waste and maximize reach Launching geo-targeted, cross-channel digital and mobile media buys around each of your locations will eliminate waste and maximize reach within your target locations and upon the devices consumers use when researching their next purchase. The way consumers shop has changed forever; and that can be a very good thing for businesses who know how to leverage the power of location across all their digital campaigns.

Dynamic Local Display – The New “Intelligent” Banner Ad

If you think online banner advertising is a thing of the past; you’re half right. A hot new item has replaced the old static mass-appeal banners that ran across networks. The trend today is “intelligent,” hyperlocal display ads that deliver, not only dynamically-created ads with animation and changing text, but ads targeted to specific geographies, user demographics, and user behaviors. Dynamic makes the difference. The key to dynamic local display advertising is in its ability to localize and target client messages differently for each market the advertiser serves – which is ideal for national and regional advertisers. Dynamic messaging and targeting of online display ads is like strategically placing a billboard on the busiest street in town and having it viewed by traffic that’s close to your business and by traffic that has an identified interest in your products or services. Instead of blasting multiple markets with identical messages, dynamic local display ads are targeted with a variety of messages and attention-getting graphics that are specific to your audience.  This eliminates wasting precious advertising dollars on markets outside your target audience or on those who fail to meet your key demographics. Dynamic local display ads help: ·       Promote brand awareness of regional and national brands by using local content that drives consumers to the nearest local facility.   ·       Reach targeted consumers on sites where they spend most of their time.   ·       Improve search advertising performance by eliminating advertising waste. So, the next time you consider passing on a banner advertising opportunity because you think it might be passé, make sure you’re not passing on an intelligent dynamic local display opportunity!