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Turn more consumers into paying customers through YP’s Audience Cartography

YPSM, our parent, recently launched Audience Cartography which connects the dots between billions of points of data to help marketers understand consumers and the zigzag journey they make towards purchases. And when marketers have audience insights derived from an understanding of the traits and behaviors of their current and prospective customers, they are able to refine their targeting. This benefits not only their mobile marketing campaigns but other media spend by improving ROI and maximizing advertising budgets.

The new consumer journey is complicated, and it demands more from marketers – more data, campaign intelligence, optimization, and an ability to connect the dots to create pictures and tell stories about consumers that make sense. Audience Cartography is more than counting clicks and impressions. It’s how YPSM helps brands understand consumers and identify what leads them to your store and converts them into customers. YP’s audience cartography can improve the effectiveness of all your marketing initiatives through valuable analysis, reports, and insights that are proven to help businesses drive online and offline growth.

To learn more, reach out to your Berry Network team, and find out how YP Audience Cartography can be used to deliver business and campaign results by helping brands understand, target, reach, engage and convert consumers.

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