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News Flash: Not Everyone Thinks Like You

One of the more frustrating parts about being in marketing is that the ideas we come up with are often scrutinized by others that only see things through their own eyes. They make the assumption that everyone thinks and acts just like them. Take social media; if you are like me, you have probably heard statements like the following: “I don’t understand why we need to invest in Twitter. I tried Twitter and didn’t like it.” - Despite that over 50 million active Twitter user... [More]

5 Signs You May Be A Back Seat Designer

  With the economy tightening everyone’s belts, more and more often the content development and copywriting for marketing and communication’s material is being left to marketing directors, marketing and communications managers and sometimes sales managers. While ideally most projects should be written by a professional copywriter - when the ball is passed to you, are you micromanaging your graphic designers? And becoming what I like to call a “back seat designer”? B... [More]

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Facebook Page

Just as the advent of the internet led companies to build websites, the popularity of Facebook is causing many marketers to want to build Facebook business pages.  With over 700 million users (larger than the population of the United States) Facebook has become the number one social networking site in the world.  Even so, many companies don’t have a Facebook business page. Why? The reasons vary. For some, they don’t understand the true value of having a Facebook business pa... [More]

The Message to Mind Connection

The message to mind connection is critical in delivering our messages – in making them matter to, and stick with, our intended audience. The deepest and strongest connection of the mind to a message is achieved with visual imagery combined with written and/or verbal language. From a very young age we are always encouraged to communicate with words and language. We start out coloring and drawing pictures with crayons and paints. Then, when we start learning to read and write, we add labels ... [More]

A Social Hospital is a Healthy Hospital

Social media is the new frontier in healthcare communication. Patients are seeking answers before and after medical appointments. People that were once private about their medical conditions are now connecting with family, friends and complete strangers to get opinions on their conditions and possible treatments. And, today’s new “social patient” is venturing online to get ratings and reviews about hospitals and doctors in order to get more comfortable about their healthcare de... [More]