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A 30,000 ft. View of Digital Media Metrics

Back in the day, a marketer’s most important metrics to watch for advertising success were CPM (Cost-Per-Thousand) ad views, and Return-On-Investment (ROI). Nowadays, with the addition of digital media, mountains of metrics have joined the scene. CPC, CPL, CTR, SOV, Views, and Shares are just a some of what’s come about. Do you know what they mean and which ones

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Omni-Channel Marketing: a Marketing Must-Have

Your organization may not be one to adopt the hot marketing buzzwords continually popping up in today’s digital melting pot, but “Omni-channel” is definitely one you need to pay attention to. It’s the marketing model that keeps you top-of-mind with consumers and helps ensure your brand remains competitive. What is Omni-Channel Marketing? With all the digital media choices and devices

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