A Look at Generational Marketing

Berry Network/ February 15, 2024/ Blog

Did you know that there are five different generations currently in the business world? That means there is a wide variety of ages that are old enough to work, which means there is an even wider range of ages that are able to consume.

As a business owner, such a variety of customers should be exciting. You have the opportunity to share the brand you love with multiple generations and to interact with customers who come with their own unique stories and histories.

In order to engage with such a large group, you need to understand how different generations respond to different kinds of marketing. Not all of your customers are on social media, and not all of your customers check their mailboxes every day.

Engaging in a society that comes with such diversity of ages can make marketing your business feel like a daunting task, but it shouldn’t. With a targeted plan that covers multiple platforms, getting your message out can be a fun way to connect with your community.

Understanding Generational Differences

In order to connect with anyone, you need to find some common ground. Forming a connection comes from gaining a little understanding of one another. For your business, that means you need to understand generational differences in order to reach customers of all ages.

The oldest consumers are typically in what is termed the “Silent Generation,” while the youngest is called “Generation Alpha.” Generations younger than those in the alpha range are still consumers, but they still primarily rely on their parents or guardians in order to procure goods.

Older generations like those in the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers and Gen X have been found to respond most positively to good customer service and clear messaging, while Millennials, Gen Z and Generation Alpha rely on social media as a primary source of information and seek out companies that present positive, socially responsible information.

One of the biggest differences between the ages is the way in which they are influenced. Older generations tend to shy away from brand influencers that don’t have professional credentials, while younger generations are inclined to follow social media-based influencers more readily.

The Same but Different

Gaining a better understanding of the unique character traits that make each generation their own is a helpful way to best target individual markets. That doesn’t mean you need a marketing plan that is completely different on every platform you use. Instead, it can help you create a consistent voice across multiple platforms—the same message presented in a variety of ways.

This can look like creating a plan that shares your upcoming promotion in a lighthearted way on a social media platform while sharing the same basic information in a colorful printed piece of direct mail. It could also mean that you share a humorous picture on your Insta account but switch to a more professional photo for your facebook page. Subtle shifts in the way your business’ information is presented can offer a clear view of who you are while still reaching a variety of customers.

Regardless of age, one thing that every consumer wants is a company that cares about them. Shoppers want to feel appreciated, and part of appreciating the people who patronize your business is ensuring that they can find your basic information with ease. Your brand should be listed in a number of places so that customers never have to dig through countless results to find it.

Use your marketing plan to raise awareness of your brand while reaching a multitude of generations. Make sure your voice is consistent, then enjoy being able to express who you are with a little variety. Spend some time getting to know what makes your customers tick, too—the more you get to know them, the more you can build your brand.

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