Caring for Your Customers and Your Business

Berry Network/ January 15, 2024/ Blog

Hands Holding Money Bag

As a small business owner, there is a lot on your plate. It can feel like work never really ends as you try to build your vision, care for your employees and get to know your customers better.

Handling the behind-the-scenes work of running a business can become all consuming as well, but cultivating relationships with your customers or clients is crucial in order to continue building the business you have dreamed about.

Amongst balancing all of your responsibilities, when the time comes to make changes that affect your customers directly, things can feel even more challenging. Raising prices to cover your costs is a hard decision to make, but you can make that decision and still care well for those that patronize your business.

Let Your Customers Know

Raising prices is often an inevitable part of running a business, regardless of what kind of business you are running. You have to stay ahead of your costs in order to make a profitable company, and as the market shifts and your demand changes, you need to change as well.

Telling your customers about price increases as far in advance as possible is one of the best ways to maintain relationships. Depending on the size of your business, you want to do this in as personable a way as possible.

Word of mouth is a powerful source of marketing, so make sure your words are the first ones your customers hear. If you can’t tell your clients directly, be sure to share the same information across multiple platforms—all on the same day.

When you do share information, make sure you are sharing how the quality of your business will increase as well. Your customers want to know that the increased costs are going to offer them increased benefits. Make sure your employees understand the price changes and the message you are sharing with your customers about them. The more you can maintain a consistent voice, the better understood the shift in prices will be.

Remember Your Value

A price increase doesn’t have to be daunting and a source of stress for you; instead, it should be something you are celebrating. The community has recognized the merit of working with you—and your business has grown. Remembering your value is important, even as you push forward toward a new chapter.

People love shopping locally, even when it means paying slightly higher prices. Remind your community that you are a part of them, and make sure they remember how long you have been serving them. Find ways to give back, too, even if it is as simple as celebrating the accomplishments of your neighbors.

Cultivate a business culture that is dedicated to providing the best experience for your customers and positive working environment for your staff. People will always pay for quality. Remember your value, communicate clearly and give back to your community. Your business will excel through every shift it faces.

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