Dynamic Local Display – The New “Intelligent” Banner Ad

Berry Network/ April 24, 2018/ Blog

If you think online banner advertising is a thing of the past; you’re half right. A hot new item has replaced the old static mass-appeal banners that ran across networks. The trend today is “intelligent,” hyperlocal display ads that deliver, not only dynamically-created ads with animation and changing text, but ads targeted to specific geographies, user demographics, and user behaviors.

Dynamic makes the difference.

The key to dynamic local display advertising is in its ability to localize and target client messages differently for each market the advertiser serves – which is ideal for national and regional advertisers.

Dynamic messaging and targeting of online display ads is like strategically placing a billboard on the busiest street in town and having it viewed by traffic that’s close to your business and by traffic that has an identified interest in your products or services.

Instead of blasting multiple markets with identical messages, dynamic local display ads are targeted with a variety of messages and attention-getting graphics that are specific to your audience.  This eliminates wasting precious advertising dollars on markets outside your target audience or on those who fail to meet your key demographics.

Dynamic local display ads help:

  • Promote brand awareness of regional and national brands by using local content that drives consumers to the nearest local facility.


  • Reach targeted consumers on sites where they spend most of their time.


  • Improve search advertisingperformance by eliminating advertising waste.

So, the next time you consider passing on a banner advertising opportunity because you think it might be passé, make sure you’re not passing on an intelligent dynamic local display opportunity!