It’s All About Location, Location, Location!

Berry Network/ April 20, 2018/ Blog

Chances are you conducted a great deal of research in deciding the exact street upon which to place each of your locations. Great consideration was likely given to population density, target demographics, foot traffic and local consumer expenditures – in order to position your business in the ideal neighborhood. Now it’s time to own your target audiences in those neighborhoods – online, on tablets, and on mobile devices.

A recent Forrester study found that 82% of US online adults research products and services before buying. But, after conducting online research, most shoppers still make their purchases in a local store!  That’s why localization is vital for advertisers. Localized advertising helps maximize online reach within your business neighborhoods and move consumers from online shopping to an in-store purchase.

Localization is a sophisticated blend of art and science

The scientific part of the localization process involves:

  • Geo-targeting to pinpoint the demographic and psychographic composition of the audiences around each business location
  • Utilizing local inventory sources across all channels to ensure advertising appears on the right sites
  • Creating a competitive analysis that includes frequency of advertisements, bid pricing and share of traffic in local markets

Completing the localization process requires an artistic finesse. The advertising design must incorporate creative treatments that include local copy, local content, local photos and ratings/reviews – all of which significantly increase engagement and help national brands compete locally.

Eliminate waste and maximize reach

Launching geo-targeted, cross-channel digital and mobile media buys around each of your locations will eliminate waste and maximize reach within your target locations and upon the devices consumers use when researching their next purchase. The way consumers shop has changed forever; and that can be a very good thing for businesses who know how to leverage the power of location across all their digital campaigns.